About Us



Raised on the Outlaws of Country music, Rocky was a professional musician by the age of 18.

He wanted to lead a band that focused on original music, and Rocking Texas Country. That band came about shortly after moving to Weatherford where he met Marc Holtsclaw, the rest of the gang soon followed.

Their different musical backgrounds, and years of professional music making, create a unique blend of old and new school country, mixed with southern rock.

This unique sound has taken audiences by storm in the over 800 shows that the band has performed in the last 8 years.

So far the band has produced 3 albums and is in studio working on a new 6 song EP to be released mid-2018. One of the key elements of their original music has been a focus on writing real songs, about real life and this shows in the care they take with their lyrics.

The band is also known for their very entertaining and energetic live shows and have been featured on local radio stations across Texas and even on Good Morning Texas!.


Marc - Bass


Brad - Guitar


Shaun - Drums